Council lacking common sense

Dear Editor:

If, as the old adage goes, silence is golden both Penticton City Hall and Trio Marine must be sitting on a vault full of it. So far regardless of letters, rallies, petitions and protests nothing is forthcoming regarding the future of Skaha Lake Park.

Thousands of residents and non-residents alike have made it abundantly clear that they are not willing to turn part of the park over to a private developer for 29 years.

How did City Hall ever come up with that number of years? Why should the public lose access to a portion of public land for that long a period? I was recently informed that commercial property in that area is worth $15 per square meter. Our esteemed council is offering the park at less than one-third of that price.

They are wasting our tax dollars on frivolous upgrades but giving valuable land away at bargain basement prices.

Mayor, council and city staff should sign up for a course entitled “Common Sense 101”. There seems to be a great want of that in City Hall and council chambers.

Hank Eschbach