Council is not listening

Dear Editor:

It seems that the current council may be experiencing some form of hearing loss. I make reference to the many who have put pen to paper or spoken out loudly regarding the modus operandi involved in frittering away valuable parklands to developers without a referendum on said development. Could it possibly be an ear-wax problem?

On second thought, maybe it might be an optical problem that an optical specialist might address. To a layperson this might be a “myopic vision problem that needs attention.” Evidence of this would appear to be obvious to all except city councillors. Hmm… I wonder if their recently approved medical package would pay for this treatment?

Councillors only seem to see the rainbow of dollar signs at present. This myopic view needs attention and now! The future will be relatively dim given the direction that council is taking. The concept of 20/20 vision without corrective eye treatment and along with it, needed auditory treatment, will insure that Penticton’s future will be dim and unheralded.

Under the heading of poetic license, I choose to bring up the following parody. In no way is it intended to denigrate the Biblical passage of the 23rd Psalm. It is strictly a parody referencing the current city hall administration.

The city council is our shepherd

We will definitely want

They give up our parkland to developers

They leadth us to believe in dollars not land

They restoreth our doubt  in what they represent

They would lead us beside still waterslides

Yea though we walk through the valley of the shadow of commercialism, we will fear Development and disposition of parklands

For Council is against us; their blind eye and deaf ear treatment cause us discomfort

Council would prepare a table before us in the presence of developers;

They would hold us for Ransom for the sake of the dollar sign.

Their dollar cup might fill up; but our parklands would be sacrificed

Surely lack of transparency, accountability, fiscal responsibility and mistrust will follow us all through the remaining days of this council’s administration and we will forever rue the day that we elected them.”

Ron Barillaro