Council ignoring emails and letters

Dear Editor:

I am still waiting to be engaged with the mayor. His comments to the media in August and September are untrue with regards to: “I think all parties are best served by coming to the table for a rational conversation.”

Since Aug. 8, 2016, I have emailed staff, mayor and council, to bring this Skaha Lake Park issue forward in the last four council meetings but with no results. His CAO has advised me that the mayor, corporate officer, or a council member may bring the matter forward, but none seem interested, even after I have emailed all. They now are forcing me to go to Supreme Court again, to get the required court order. Engagement should be directed by the mayor, and I must thank Coun. Campbell Watt for his coffee shop attendance, as no other council member replied.

I am ready at any time to be engaged with mayor and staff to bring this matter to a close, but they will not even reply to my letters and emails. City not responding to Penticton Indian Band’s letters for more than a year is not acceptable in my mind. The PIB presented a well thought-out plan but no reply. If court is the only way to become engaged with this mayor and council, so be it but election time is nearing and courts take a long time to fully complete cases.

I am also researching the past two years of “in-camera meetings” that have been held by this mayor and council, as I believe there could be some problems in this area. People must attend council meetings and get educated.

Nelson Meikle