Council ignores the vast majority

Dear Editor:

Why is it that the priorities of the mayor of Penticton and city council are almost never aligned with the wishes of the general population? The taxpayers fund the

operating costs to run the city, but basically have no say in the allocation of those funds.

Widespread expressions of discontent by the citizens fall on deaf ears. Informal surveys conducted by the Penticton Herald show that, in most cases, at least 70 per cent of the respondents don’t agree with the position that the city has taken on most issues surveyed.

The fact that this never appears to change the outcome must mean that this discontent is considered by the incumbent city council to be that of the misinformed majority.

A case in point is the current survey on the issue of using any surplus from the Main Street project to provide art for the downtown core.

Eighty-six per cent of the respondents disagree and feel that these surplus funds could find other better uses elsewhere. Who among us believes that this survey will change the outcome of the allocation of these “so called” surplus funds? Is it possible that they are surplus because the budget was set too high?

Perhaps the surplus funds will be used to bring back “Frank, the Baggage Handler” now that he has undergone revitalization similar to the 200 block of Main Street.

Penticton may even receive national media coverage again with his impromptu return.

Or perhaps the city will hang more used car parts similar to the previous “artwork” that was temporarily installed at the Vancouver Hill roundabout after the Baggage Handler’s departure.

Claude Bergman