Council ignores alternatives

What was amazing about the Monday council meeting? The amazingly  thoughtful, intelligent, well researched  questions and comments and the amazing passion people had for Skaha Park.

The message to council was — build the waterslide somewhere else, not in the park. Enhance the marina and add a restaurant. Speakers suggested various vacated lots in the area for the waterslide. A private citizen asked the Penticton Indian Band about locating the water slide on PIB land. City council had not contacted PIB. An inflatable slide in the lake, removable in winter has been suggested. Someone  else researched the fact that we are one of two cities in the world that sits between two lakes.

The city policy of green space ratio came into  question and seems to be comprised. City council said they had done their due diligence and lawyers did the papers. If this development is such a money maker why does the taxpayer have to give it the advantage of a prime water front park land lease? And no a water park is not a park. Is a beer garden a garden?

The bottom line is if Trio goes bankrupt and no one else takes it over, you the taxpayer will get back a ruined park and an unprofitable business because it is after all on  city land.

Only Councillor Sayeed and  the mayor were willing to take extra time on this matter. Council blatantly ignored the alternative ideas, wisdom and warnings offered.

How very sad.

Lynn Crassweller