Council has caused effect

Dear Editor:

I think we should give Coun. Max Picton a pass on not reading the Herald or the Western (letter to the editor, Herald, Aug 24).

After all when you are working out of town and coming back specifically for the purpose of attending council meetings you probably don’t have the time to get yourself up to speed by reading all 14 editions of the Herald and four editions of the Western before a council meeting.

Both the Western and the Herald are online; too bad Mr. Picton doesn’t read those either. I guess when you don’t want to hear the truth about your actions you filter out what you don’t want to read.

Mr. Picton claims the Herald depicts him as ignorant and arrogant. If he read the Western and the Herald he might have a fuller understanding of the laws of cause and effect and the responsibility he bears for the effect he and council have caused.

He takes issue with James Miller, the editor of the Herald as the cause of the negativity. That negativity stems from the voters; upset with decisions made by council.

It is quite apparent letters to the editor is the only voice citizens have and he as a councillor is not interested. The letters come from the community and blaming the editor for printing them instead of the community for writing them is not going to get him re-elected.

Letters are a good barometer of how a community reacts to council decisions. If council was wise and wants to be re-elected they would listen. Instead this council increased staff in the communications department. That won’t change cause and effect.

It is easy to deny feedback by choosing what you read. But as a council member Picton has a duty to monitor feedback on his actions from the citizens of Penticton. He and council have caused the effect.

Coun. Picton claims the paper paints him as ignorant and arrogant. If deciding not to read

letters to the editor because they are negative when he is making decisions that affect everyone in Penticton is not ignorant and arrogant I don’t know what is.

Elvena Slump