Council forgets words of Lincoln

Dear Editor:

So, Mr. Doug Sharpe thinks that the mayor of Penticton is listening to the citizens better than the mayor of Summerland  (Herald, Aug. 24).

Let’s look at the facts:

• There was no public input to the waterslide development

• No public hearing was held before its bullet train approval process by the mayor and council

• This despite the fact that the public park belongs to ALL the citizens of Penticton and not the seven people on council

• There have been two rallies with close to 500 people each opposing the development

• There have been scores of excellent, well thought out and relevant letters to the Herald opposing the development (multiple letters opposing it virtually EVERY day)

• There are more than 4,000 citizens of Penticton, so far,  who have signed a petition opposing the development

•There are over 1,200 non citizens, so far, some from places all over the world who have signed a petition against

• Six of eight living past mayors are opposed to the development (the other two declined comment.)

That, Mr. Sharpe, is NOT listening to the citizens, that is ignoring the whole concept and basis of democracy. As Abraham Lincoln said, “by the people, for the people,” not by the mayor and councilors and for the developers! It is no wonder so many people question what this is really all about… a condo or a hotel or something like that eventually?

 Mr. Sharpe says that Mr. Jakubeit, when asked if he would consider opening up the discussion and invite citizens to put forward their views on the subject said, “Yes, I agree.” Well, Mr. Jakubeit, the citizens HAVE put forward they views on the subject, in the thousands, and are of one voice saying, “let’s have democracy, lets have a referendum!”

Mr. Mayor, PROVE you are listening, and more importantly, hearing what we say and call for a referendum!

Believe me, Mr. Sharpe, you do not want the mayor of Summerland to learn a lesson (or two) from the mayor and councillors of Penticton because you will end up being in the same mess we are.

 Duane Martin