Council drops ball on Lakeside

The mayor and council by their actions from the get go, seem to have thrown democracy out of the window from the standpoint of transparency and accountability. How do we know this? The following list of boondoggles will attest to that.

1. The Skaha Park Giveaway for little or no remuneration over 29-plus years. The plan is to supposedly foster a Dodo bird waterslide project. No lessons learned from past history of waterslides. Council seems to have adopted an attitude of “build it and they will come.” The other slides went the way of the dinosaurs and the tourists are still coming and the locals have not really missed the slides or there would have been private lands acquired for same and structures built.

2. Parking meters along Lakeshore Drive. Tourist users are being punished for coming here and local users are being penalized again for living here. Council wants the tourism but sets up a path to anger or discourage tourists with parking meters

3. Proposed light display in the 100 block. Almost no taxpayer input into this clandestinely-decided project. Council is strapped for cash and yet goes out its way to spend money on frivolity.

4. The Lakeside meter snafu. Council really dropped the ball on this one. They closed the gate after all of the animals were out, so to speak. Why is this not surprising? It took almost five years to realize it! What accountability? How often do we think about going out to check our meters, not that we know much about them. A true example of the “Peter Principle in this instance!”

5. Crying foul on a duly agreed to arbitration settlement with the firefighters and then deciding that they can’t afford it. If the arbitration was of a binding nature, neither party has the right to challenge it through the courts or make demands outside of the settlement on completion.

These are but a few of the faux pas of city officials. Who knows what hair-brained schemes might be coming down the pipe? Mayor Andrew Jakubeit and company are “big” on trying to attract business development andencouragement here.

I ask, what outside business would want to come here knowing that this city is No. 6 in fiscal fund mismanagement as reported by the media? It gives credence to the old adage of

“Penny-wise and pound foolish!”

It is very sad that the downtown “House of Hypocrisy and Subterfuge” will prevail for three more years and after that we will live in its shadow forever.

Ron Barillaro