Council doesn’t deserve praise

Dear Editor:

Recently a lady (don’t recall her name at the moment, however, if she reads this she’ll know who she is) complained about negative letters to the editor.

Those of us who write letters to be presented in your paper were chastised for brow-beating our poor “hard-working council.” I guess a better term for it would be rebuked.

The inference was that we should be lauding or applauding rather expressing our displeasure with council and what they have done since being elected.

To that particular lady I would stress that those of us who do write do so with the guarantee that it is our democratic right to do so. I cannot speak for the others, however, I resent the fact that along with others I was being admonished as a small child might be for misbehaving.

The moral here is: Lady, if you don’t like to read letters that criticize, maybe you should adopt Coun. Picton’s way of dealing with it. Don’t read them! Go golfing, do some gardening, play bridge, knit, et al.

In order for praise to be given, there has to be something that merits a “pat on the back” so to speak. I challenge you to come up with a list of accomplishments that are deserving of true recognition. At the same time, I would urge you to make a list of things promised to the electorate by council prior to the election but as yet are undelivered and then tell me that council deserves a “pat on the back!”

Here, I’ll help you by starting you off. Accountability (non-existent); fiscal responsibility (voted themselves medical benefits paid for by taxpayers with no consultation; openness (a token joke or what?); an election with one polling station; willing away dedicated parkland for private development and planning to add paid parking at Okanagan Beach and other area city properties. The list goes on. I would surmise that your list would be much shorter!

Can you honestly say with a clear conscience that this is deserving of accolades or applause? I certainly would hope not!

Ron Barillaro