Council created Skaha Park mess

Dear Editor:

Great to read that residents of Penticton are still signing up with Save Skaha Park society to protect the natural beauty of Skaha Park. Why won’t the city settle the issue and cancel the lease with Trio, or go to court against the SSP?

The first political mistake was when the mayor signed the lease. I’m sure the question any judge would put to the mayor, “did you check whether this company had the resources to honour the lease”?

Now why won’t the council answer the legal challenge filed in court last year on behalf of the SSP members? Because, if the council were to go to court and lose to SSP they undoubtedly would be facing another legal challenge from Trio.

So why is the mayor and council stalling to respond to the legal challenge in court? They know that going to court is going to cost the City, costs that will be paid by the taxpayers who opposed their decision, members of SSP who paid out of their own pockets to take them to court.

What I firmly believe is the mayor and council are waiting for Trio to voluntarily cancel the Skaha Park lease with City. Result, no need to go to court against SSP.

That the council hopes will save the city any further costs to their initial mistake to sign the 29-year lease. This is what I firmly believe council is holding out for, because if council were to cancel the lease or lose the legal challenge from SSP, they would undoubtedly face a lawsuit from Trio.

Trio would undoubtedly want to recover their costs to date and possibly projected costs and profits for their 29-year lease for their waterslide project, which they signed in good faith.

I therefore believe this council is patiently waiting for the Trio company to no longer exist as a legal partner to the lease. Result, no claim from them against the city. Result, no more lease, no need to go to court against SSP.

Council would save all costs associated with their extremely contentious decision to approve the lease. Council is therefore desperately waiting for Trio to no longer be a legitimate company.

We who are paying their stipends and will have to pay the costs for this political mess, whichever way it’s resolved, will have to continue to wait and see how this council is going to get out of their political dilemma.

Jake Kimberley