Concerned for area’s parkland

Dear Editor:

Re: “Big Wine is wrecking the neighbourhood” (Okanagan Saturday, Oct. 29).

Jovanka Djordjevich has a very valid point. He writes about the destruction of land perfect for sustaining all kinds of wildlife. I don’t know how bad it is in Kelowna but down here in Penticton, we have a mayor and council that seems to think that they, and only they know how to manage things.

Council meetings, open to the public, almost put people to sleep, and after the meeting they scurry down the hall for one of their infamous in-camera meetings and then His Holiness informs the unwashed what the city is going to do.

Game, set, match, complete with a non-disclosure agreement at the request of the mayor. Then we have one voting station and no traveling ballot box for shut-ins, great way to disfranchise elderly voters that can’t stand in line for one to two hours. This is his version of democracy.

I don’t know how many people he thinks he can squeeze into this little city but schools are closing and our manufacturing base is not exactly huge. They do great work but there is only so much work to go around. Instead of construction jobs that are gone, mostly back to Kelowna.

Why don’t we have one of his $80,000 a year specialists working on attracting more companies instead of chopping up parks and trying to squeeze more people to wear down the infrastructure that also needs repair.

They have zero chance of re-election so you have to wonder, what’s their end game. Wouldn’t you love to read that non-disclosure.

The Herald’s poll of voters pretty much show they have as much chance of re-election as I do. We just hope he can’t do any more damage before we have a chance to fire the whole lot.

Jack Goode