Concerned about advertising contract, casino

Dear Editor:

Didn’t Penticton’s new council promise fair sharing of City advertising between the two local papers?  I consistently see half-page advertising in the Western; only occasionally small ads in the Herald. Another broken promise?

The Western’s  City ad: Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2015-53 gives a casino permission to occupy any place designated as “Indoor amusement, entertainment and recreation.” And will remove minimum parking and loading space requirements.

Delegations and submissions may be made in person or by attorney no later than 9:30 a.m. Mon. Nov. 2. No letter, report or representation from the public will be received by Council after the conclusion of the Public Hearing.”

 In other words Pentictonites have fair warning Council isgoing to make a decision on this and they will not change their minds.

What is at stake?

After Googling the recently purchased city property on Vernon it becomes pretty clear that the property gives the City access to a large stretch of land between Eckhardt (Hwy. 97) and the old Wine and Information Centre. Just north of the failed hockey dorm property are four or five old houses that will likely be expropriated by the City.

Minor variations in road configurations give the City access to a huge area of land for future development. The spoiler is the covenanted baseball diamond which sits in the middle.

Will the casino rezoning allow the city to perhaps override the covenant on the baseball diamond? What zoning changes would fit within the parameters of the covenant and be suitable for the convention/gambling expansion?

The mayor has made numerous comments on various possibilities for Vernon including sports fields. Yet I have seen nothing to indicate this happening. If the city wins any concessions in the Skaha Park court case, Skaha is up for grabs and the baseball diamond.

I would advise everyone to Google the area surrounding the SOEC. I believe the baseball diamond is doomed. This is fine if the City makes plans to construct an expanded baseball facility for this sport. To date I have seen nothing to indicate a replacement or expansion of this lost field.

Speak before Nov. 2, or I believe this field is lost and if not Skaha Park surely is. The city cannot allow a loss of $1.6 million yearly in revenue in favour of the Penticton Indian Band acquiring the casino rights.

Elvena Slump