Concern for our city trees

Dear Editor:

Re: “City settle tree dispute,” Herald, Aug. 17.

Coun. Judy Sentes stated the following: “I think perhaps this could be a learning opportunity for the rest of the community that there is protection ‘in place’ for ‘our’ trees.”

So retroactively, where was the protection for the trees cut down at Gyro Park to make room for the crossover street between Main and Martin streets? Likewise, where was the protection for the two trees that were removed behind the Sicamous to make room for the proposed marina and park development?

Taking Coun. Sentes at her word, apparently there are protections in place that would prevent the removal heritage trees from Skaha Lake Park. Her statement is appreciated and reassuring to the community that measures are “in place” that would save “our” trees from the fate of a chainsaw. Perhaps the rest of council can follow her lead.

C. Otto Knaak