Compromise to Skaha Lake waterslide issue

Dear Editor:

Lots is being said about the Skaha development, both for and against. Why has the City not built something similar to what Peachland and Westbank have for the kids to play at?

A long time ago we had a high dive at Okanagan Lake and a long wharf kids could swim to and dive from. There was also rafts with a diving board along the beach where kids could learn to dive.

Don’t say it’s the insurance costs. If Peachland, which is a lot smaller than Penticton can do it what’s our problem?

Oh, it would be free. Maybe that’s the issue.

Something kids could enjoy at no cost. What do we pay taxes for?  City Council should look at alternate sites for a private pay park.

Water is no problem here because a well can be drilled for unlimited water in most areas.

Don Agnew