Complainers killed hotel

Dear Editor:

No wonder developers are leery of attempting any kind of project in Penticton.

There always seems to be vocal groups opposed no matter what it is. The opportunity to have a high-end hotel built here has gone by the wayside. Even having them interested in building one not on the lakeshore was surprising.

I was amused by the opposition of the new hotel expressed by the owners of the Lakeside. Imagine if they were trying to build where they are today.

There is always a group of people against any project be it apartments or town houses, etc. Currently there are groups trying to stop the plans for the marina water slide and the BMX track.

Some have suggested other locations for them. Some of them have even had the gall to suggest the native lands as an option. Who are we white folk that think we should have a say in what the native people put on their land?

There has to be change. We need to have growth. This town has changed very little in the close to 40 years I’ve been here. Every time a project of any size, shape or form is proposed there sprouts a group that wants to stop it.

Can we not find a balance? Or will we sit in the green space and watch the geese poop on the grass then write to the editor of the paper complaining the city does nothing about cleaning it up.

There is more than goose poop being deposited in town.

There’s quite a bit of the bull variety as well!

Randy Clements