Compare us to New York City

Dear Editor:

Just how many wonderful, fun, money-making business ideas do we put on our parks before there is no more park — only businesses?

New York City’s Central Park, in the land of giant egos and bigger money, has seen changes over the years. Yes, it has expanded from 778 to 843 acres.

Kew Garden in England began as a mere  9 acres and is now 300-plus acres.

We encourage in-fill development, cluster homes, townhouses, apartments and condos to meet the needs of the growing population. Most of these units don’t offer green spaces any bigger than an average-sized area rug.

While cities in Europe are trying to be more green, here in Penticton what are we doing to our tiny parks and green spaces?

We are leasing them out cheap, for  building and pavement and plastic and a day’s bit of profit.

Lynn Crassweller