Communication is not lacking

Dear Editor:

I am calling the public to step up communication.

Mayor Jakubeit has said that there needs to be better communication between the Council and the public.

Let’s go for it public!

In spite of hundreds of letters to the editor in the news, also recorded in the website: (check it out), as well as proof of literally thousands of hand-written signatures by people who want to count and be heard, plus a number of rallies, still Jakubeit thinks communication is lacking.

I get the feeling they are not reading the letters. Does that indicate that we people need to step it up?

How about writing letters directly to them, meeting them at their place of work, on the streets? Any other ideas?

Myself, I love rallies and signs. Haven’t had enough of those! Be more visible and audible.

Do others feel the same way?

Hannah Hyland