Communicate with City, MP

Dear Editor:

Goodness me! Have you seen the hoops one must jump through to give the City “feedback” via the online “”

Not “user friendly” by any means! First obstacle, you are required to read and agree to a lengthy, scary list of the “bang the table” policies. For this, a Law degree and about an hour or two are needed.

And aspirins!

I wonder how many in this community will be giving feedback by this method? To think that some people thought our former voting polls and line-ups were rigged!

Furthermore, how can the public be sure of the reliability of the survey?

Best thing for “feedback” is for the public to show up, ask questions and make comments at the “open” and “focus” meetings that we are actually permitted to attend.

Friends, it’s a “happening” this coming week, until June 3, and this is could be an opportunity to give the council “feedback”.

Another opportunity. Member of Parliament Richard Cannings  is inviting us (in person, wow!) to bring issues that concern us. A good old town hall meeting, is planned for Tuesday, May 24 at 7 p.m. in the Penticton Library auditorium.

I know that many of you are tired, discouraged, and wondering about saving the parks. Regardless of the treatment you have received from the City, ignored and detained, know that you are important!

Keep standing up, speaking up and signing up! Show up at this Shape Your City. And at the town hall meeting. And communicate with each other. Gather together to show your unity and energy.  And pray.

Eventually you will be acknowledged. We are all for keeping our park as is —  open, green and free for all to enjoy, now and in the future.

Let’s communicate

Hannah Hyland