Common sense needed

To the editor:

Penticton mayor, city councillors and senior staff, give your collective heads a shake; a real good shake. Use your brains and common sense and stop doing unreasonable things to our city.

I don’t need to list all the harmful things you have done to date in the first two years in your term; you should be aware of them all. If you are not aware, try reading your emails, the local newspapers and listening to your constituents. They are very knowledgeable and capable people. You could learn a lot from them.

And, if you think by doing such things your head will be filled with too much negativity, then it’s up to you to turn things around. Do negative things, get negative responses; do positive things, get positive responses. Very simple. Please don’t stay up at night thinking of what stupid thing you can do next; get some sleep.

The thing that worries me the most is that with all the damage you have done in just under two years, with two more frightful years to go, is that Penticton is going to be ruined?

This is a beautiful city with so much going for it. I would like to live here for many more years, but I am truly afraid that our present elected officials are going to run it into the ground, financially and otherwise.

If you can’t do the right things for the people who live here and pay your wages, then please resign.

Kathy Krenn, Penticton