Coffee club discussion

Dear Editor:

Our city council with the exception of Campbell Watt seems to take great delight in ignoring its citizens.

Former mayor Jake Kimberley has taken the time to address an audience at City Hall on several occasions and written extensive letters informing the public of proper protocol on several issues, namely the changes being proposed for Skaha Park and Marina.  This has been a great little city over the years because our elected officials have tended to be very careful about making changes affecting the long-range ambiance of our city and parks.

However, the recently elected mayor and council seem to be going out of their way to destroy the plans carefully set in place over the years by earlier councils.  I can’t remember earlier councils upsetting so many citizens on almost every issue.

Coffee groups all over the city are discussing the haphazard way that council seems to be functioning at the moment. It appears that this will be a one-term council at the very most and even that does not seem to bother them. What this tells us is that we have to become much more diligent about who we elect and if they are truly qualified to run our city.

Mayor Jakubeit, we are not done with you yet!

Bob Henderson