Close books on this fiasco

Dear Editor:

At the meeting called to discuss the Skaha Park proposal on Nov.23, we learned that the bad idea in 2013 has now turned into a complete disaster.

Council and staff have blundered to a position where taxpayers have paid much more than a referendum would have cost, and are being asked to pay much more to allow them to blunder to the next step.

Trio Marine confirmed that they could float the development only because they could do it on leased public land, and to continue with their plans they must have exclusive rights to areas outside of the marina.

The last gasp agreement proposed on Nov.21 will leave us with a worse situation than we started with prior to the bad idea in 2013.

Penticton has nothing to gain by concluding an agreement with Trio Marine.

Hopefully Penticton Council and staff, along with Trio Marine, will accept this fact and have the courage to close the books on this divisive fiasco.

John McLeod