City’s problems are their own making

Dear Editor:

This is yet another letter protesting Penticton City Council’s decision to use

irreplaceable, publicly owned park land for commercial purposes. It does not make sense to any rational mind.

Waterparks can be built anywhere. Trio Marine should purchase and build on commercial property like any other private developer. Council is forcing us to subsidize a private company with publicly owned lands.

It is true that tourism is an important part of the Penticton economy for two-and-a-half months of the year. During that period the town is frequently at maximum capacity regardless of one more tourist attraction. Why ruin valuable park land we enjoy year round for a few months of private enterprise profit?

Waterslides are a poor investment. What happened to the other two Penticton waterslides? Will we be burdened with an abandoned eyesore?

While I appreciate that council now finds itself between a proverbial rock and a hard place, the dilemma is of their own making. They have made a mistake, must reverse their decision and accept the consequences. It is unfortunate that the taxpayers of Penticton will probably have to pay for council’s mistake.

Donna Wright

Ken Johnston