City’s numbers are contradicting

Dear Editor:

I wish to respond to a letter from Barb Hoolaeff that appeared in The Herald on August 7 (“Misleading facts on waterslides”).

In that letter, Ms. Hoolaeff complains about the incorrect statements and misleading facts that are coming from the media regarding the proposed development in Skaha Park.

She goes on to state that “the marina/waterslide…is taking 2.5 acres…of the 21 acre park.” She told me she obtained this fact from the mayor and the developer.

Since the start of this debacle there have been many figures thrown around about the amount of park land that is involved in the proposed lease for the marina/waterslide.

So on July 31, I contacted the Director of Operations, City of Penticton (who authored the staff report on the proposed lease to Trio Marine) to find out how much land is involved. I was sent three schedules of plans and was told to add up the lease area in square meters at the top of each plan.

Based on the information provided to me by this City employee, following are my calculations of the total amount of park land that is currently under lease to Trio and the total of the areas that are proposed to be leased under the agreement with the City:

(Notes: None of the lease areas include public roads nor the access road to the public boat launch.)

The areas have been converted from square meters to acres for readability.

Total area of Skaha Park:  21.0 acres  (taken from the COP website: Skaha Park)

Area currently leased to Trio (existing marina including docks):  1.92 acres or 9.14 per cent of the total area of Skaha Park

Additional area proposed to be leased to Trio:  3.89 acres or an additional 18.52 per cent of the total area of Skaha Park

Total area to be leased by Trio therefore:  5.81 acres or 27.66 per cent of the total area of Skaha Park

Area to be leased by Trio, existing and proposed, is for commercial use.

I agree with Ms. Hoolaeff that it is vital that facts fundamental to this issue are  accurate and not misleading.

Gary Denton