City won’t share secrets

Dear Editor:

While I really admire the courage of Phillip McCutchan in expressing his views about the park and our city council I completely disagree with most of his statements.

A few thousand feet of grass, trees and a duck pond may not be worth a referendum but they are certainly worth protecting and preserving. We have enough concrete and blacktop in other parts of the city.

Could someone please explain the real meaning of Article V111 – General 8.01 (b) in the latest revised agreement. It reads: “This licence and all the terms and conditions of it may be inspected by the public at such times and at such places as the City may determine.”

Am I being cynical in thinking that this means that all the terms and conditions will never be available for inspection by the public? In the same section Schedules G, H, and I were intentionally left blank.

Why? As long as there are secret agreements protected by confidentiality clauses the public, in general, will never be convinced that they are being dealt with openly and honestly.

At the Nov. 23 meeting many people expressed their concerns about the future of the dragonboat boatshed. A word of caution here – when the South Okanagan Events Centre was built, the indoor tennis facility was demolished in order to create more parking spaces out front. The promise was made and a place was shown on the site plan where the new indoor facility would be relocated.

It never happened. What has happened to the metal framework and the lighting system?

Maurice Ogden