City must abolish Trio’s proposal

Dear Editor:

After two years of acquiring permit approvals, Penticton Water Park Ltd. was incorporated spring of 2015 by father and son local to Penticton. Our Penticton company was underway following a successful first year of operating a Wibit aquatic water park in Kelowna; we quickly become the largest and most recognizable company in North America, within our industry.

Through an extensive hands-on approach to the details of our business we have been awarded with exclusivity to industry leading equipment and have become a consultant to Wibit aquatic water park in order to uphold company and industry standards.

As a company pioneering aquatic water parks in North America it is critical we provide safety, knowledge, experience, and quality in order to minimize risk and assist positive growth. As a relatively new industry it is essential that an appropriate company be awarded the great responsibility of providing the proposed amenity; a company, in association with the City of Penticton, hold in their hands the liability of each and every customer.

By omitting purchase process for a company without history showing the ability to manage proposed amenities the City of Penticton would pose a tremendous risk to itself, the safety of locals and tourists, and the positive image Penticton Water Park has worked hard to acquire within the community. This shows disregard of the prominent liability associated with an amenity of this nature along with the responsibility required in safely operating it.

Wibit Sports is the foremost leading equipment manufacturer of aquatic water parks, and is the only company to pass German TUV safety testing. Specifically engineered safety consisting of: anchoring plans, elimination of all entrapment hazards, equipment size and height restriction, material quality – environment safe, non chemical leaching materials, along with over 10,000 actively protected patents.

Alternative products carry with them excessive liability risks to the customer, operator, and municipality in which they operate. Increased liability including, but not limited to: entrapments hazards, environmental harm, patent infringement, quality and durability of equipment in relation to daily use as well as anchor security and safety.

Its is essential the City of Penticton Council abolished the proposal regarding Trio Group’s enhanced marina agreement and marina amenity proposal due to concerns of safety and excessive liability.

It is imperative the public know Wibit is exclusive to the owners of the existing aquatic water park in Penticton. The proposed works by Trio are in no way association with Wibit, nor meet our company’s business standards, quality and safety management procedures.

City Council and the public must retain the capability to have the best-suited company provide the proposed service, if the aquatic park is proceeded with. We cannot in good faith increase risk to the public and existing business of Penticton, nor should Council provide superiority or an upper hand to those our public has shown such powerful resentment toward.

Rylie Gallagher