City lacks imagination

Dear Editor:

I think that we should be using our imaginations to find a solution to the waterslide debacle.

What about putting the water slide in the existing small parking lot to the southeast of the new restaurant? That would get rid of the pavement and use space that is already ruined, oops, utilized. An imagined waterslide might have a part that meanders a little and could be converted to a dry slide in water shortages or in winter and utilizes the drainage pond that is already there as scenery rather than filling it in.

This would preserve riparian and duck habitat that is now at risk. What about a parkade downtown (goodness knows we need another edifice to the mighty automobile) on the corner of Ellis and Nanaimo where there is an existing parking lot.

Perhaps with a rooftop garden to replace the garden that was paved over that, by the way, helped feed the needy. Everyone is complaining about no parking downtown. We could include free transportation in the parking fee to the beach/waterslide by transport suitable for sandy-footed children and adults including extra space needed for all the water toys and picnic lunches.

There could be a space on said transportation for buskers to entertain on the way. Budding

musicians could say they got their start in Penticton on the beach shuttle busses.

Or here’s a thought, we could have rickshaw type conveyances powered by relays of future triathletes going along the bike lane on Government and South Main Street. I know, I know, a bit of a stretch but good for the environment.

What about the parking lot at Loco Landing? That is full to overflowing and could also be made into a parkade, paid for by the City of course as they will make lots of money from the fees to buy more easily available park land.

Of course as the city grows, as it now has this amazing waterslide to attract one and all, more parking will be needed. We could also encourage biking to said waterslide and provide free bikes at bike stations along the pathway along the channel.  Also we could provide a most beautiful garden in the spot now designated as the waterslide tended by avid gardeners as a place to play and rest.

It could have natural pathways to run and hide in. I can hear the children’s laughter. The trees would love it as it would rescue them from their upcoming proposed demise.

Nancy Wright