City giving up a big concession

Dear Editor:

I am not surprised that the City of Penticton is going to go ahead with their deal with Trio Marine, but one item that really upsets me is that they are going to give the concession stand to Trio as part of the deal.

I admit that I am not familiar with how it is decided who will get to run small businesses like the concession stand on city property but I would have thought those things have to be put out to tender?

Obviously I thought wrong as it appears mayor and council just pick out who they want with no accountability as usual. So that will mean that Trio gets another chunk of the park for 29 plus years.

Also upsetting is the one week time line for public input on a 50-page document.

Typical political tactic, mayor and council are all being paid and get access to the info from the beginning, but people who are opposed have to find time outside of their work day to try and digest and react to the new information.

Wish I knew what the real reason is as to why this deal is so important to the mayor because if the contract had been negated when Trio could not come up with financing by the deadline last year, the taxpayers would not be facing a buyout which “would easily exceed $200,000.”

Again, no hard facts to share. Sounds almost like a scare tactic to the taxpayers. Looking forward to see what transpires next in this tale of secrets and closed door meetings.

Theresa Nolet

West Bench