City council won’t hear group against waterslides


Several hundred people rallied outside City Hall on Tuesday, Aug. 4 for 30 minutes before a heavy downpour forced the crowd to take cover.

A Penticton group against a waterslide business planned in Skaha Lake Park will not present its petition to city council on Monday.

In fact, the Save Skaha Park committee won’t be on council’s agenda.

Spokesperson Lisa Martin discovered late Friday afternoon that the group’s request to appear as a delegation at Monday’s meeting was declined.

“We’re disappointed that we’re not on the agenda,” she said in an interview, “but we will in all likelihood attend the council meeting and hope for the best.”

Martin said her intention was to have three speakers take a total of 10 minutes to update council on the status of the petition, which has 4,000 signatures, including 3,000 from local residents. The group did not intend to present the petition at this time as it’s still collecting signatures.

At issue is a waterslide development, approved by council, that will take up a portion of Skaha Lake Park near the creek and Rotary splash pad area.

Mayor Andrew Jakubeit confirmed he will meet Monday with waterslide opponents Jake Kimberley, Carolae Donahue, Gerry Karr and Bill Duff. Jakubeit said Duff had originally requested to address council but later declined because the development deal including the waterslides was finalized on Aug. 4.

“They (Save Skaha Park) wanted to present on the Skaha Park proposal which has already been actioned,” Jakubeit said in a statement. “If they wanted to present and reference the rallies or petitions to illustrate the need moving forward for better community engagement, more clarity for use of public lands, or requests we revisit and finalize our parks master plan, then that would have been appropriate and allowed.”

Martin said her group has bought advertising and is accepting donations for potential legal action against the city.