City controls the information

Dear Editor:

After reading “Protocol needs to be addressed” by Mr. Nelson Miekle (Herald, May 17), I was surprised by the author hinting there’s a hidden agenda by Save Skaha Park Society and accusing the group of lack of transparency.

Why? Part of my surprise stems from the fact I only paid my $2 membership fee a few weeks ago and started getting updates immediately. On the other hand, the City hasn’t even filed its response to the lawsuit yet after about eight months. Everything the society is doing, from its lawsuit, website, email updates, membership drive, etc. is laser focused on preserving the massive 110,000 square feet of open space and preventing commercialization of it.

I’m even more surprised that someone would suggest the society simply release all the information it has. That could seriously compromise society strategies, the sensitive nature of any potential  discussions and the society’s legal position.

While I feel that Pentictonites would benefit by avoiding a showdown in court, everyone needs to remember that this all started with the actions of the City disposing of parkland. The directors of the Save Skaha Park Society need no distractions so they can focus on that effort if the society is to be successful.

There are far better ways to get information than simply writing a letter to the editor. As frustrating as it may be at times, the City strictly controls the release of information. At this time, expecting the society to have any less control over the release of its information and what it will be used for would be irresponsible.

Wayne Llewellyn