Citizens should not have to fight for parks

Dear Editor:

The “Shape Your City” meetings seem to be well-run, cheery events, generating tons of paperwork.

But, unless Penticton City Council addresses theunderlying cause of these meetings it will be a resounding failure.

The citizens of this city cannot continue, every eight to 10 years to fight the council of the day to save parks from development: first Okanagan now Skaha. This is a waste of city council’s time and our money.

It does nothing for Penticton’s reputation politically, financially or socially.

The City can prove this is not just another dog and pony show. An ironclad, City bylaw needs to be enacted to protect our parkland.

Few will object to a hot dog vendor but large-scale,private business has no business on parkland.

Public land is public land for a reason and should not be given up without a referendum. Make it a law.

Garry and Lynn Crassweller