Campbell Watt did the right thing

Dear Editor:

I have lived in Penticton and area for close to 35 years. Mayors and councils have come and gone but we have never had a bunch as arrogant as this one when it comes to the Skaha Lake Park and waterslide issue.

Kudos to Coun. Campbell Watt for being the lone councillor who supported a motion to reconsider.

I worked on both waterslides in Penticton. White Water was not around too long after completion and Wonderful Water World was here a few years. No, Joe, as he was known, did not go out of business but I do think the writing was on the wall.

I am not against waterslides, but not on parkland leased out for profit. This is why I think there is more to this deal. The waterslides will inevitably fail, sure as God made little green apples, and this is how the “Not in our park” people feel. There are some, perhaps newer residents, who might think we are saying no just for the sake of saying no.

At the last civic election, I voted for Campbell Watt, Andre Martin and our present mayor, Andrew Jakubeit. There was not a lot of choice for mayor. I wanted a complete sweep of all council members and mayor after the hockey dorm fiasco. How wrong was I on the last two?

We need a lot of support to change Council’s mind, or get rid of them.

Keith W. Sollitt