Busy day at splash pad

Dear Editor:

Dr. Gerry Karr’s comments at the Save Skaha Park rally were some of the most positive and forceful made in relation to fitness and wellness.

That is why the Skaha Park is so historically sacred to the multitudinous users of the area. Physical activity is a powerful, potent part in the re-creation of the body, mind, spirit and intelligence. Movement and motion combined with healthful living could save not just millions but billions of dollars in our B.C. healthcare system. That makes our park lands so valuable and precious for all citizens.

In watching the very young children and in and around the Rotary Splash Park area on Sunday, Aug. 2 it was wonderful to see their energy, enjoyment and delight as they ran and played around.

Nearby was a large picnic social group of about 150 sheltering under four shady trees. The beach alongside was crowded with bathers and sunbathing people; stretching from the power boats waiting to be taken from the water to the block wall on the west side of Skaha Lake.

Teilhard de Chardin, the great French-Jesuit philosopher of the past century stated: “It was energy that lifted mankind upwards: this thermodynamic, kinetic, electromagnetic, mechanical, radical, psychic energy” that re-creates mankind in the universe and leads the populace to greater adventurous things and healthful living. Park land does this.”

Over the next 50 years the population of Penticton will have grown to 62,000 or more and every inch of the waterfront will become even more precious! We will be more than grateful to those councillors in 1911 who designed the park and made it happen over the years. Let us guard our parks.

Vince Rabbitte, Phd