Brilliant strategy by city council

Dear Editor:

It is my sad duty to inform MLA Dan Ashton that politics in Penticton has reached a new low.

Penticton Mayor Andrew Jakubeit and council made a great show of giving citizens weeks to prepare for the Nov. 23 public meeting on the new Skaha Lake/ Trio Marine deals. Two days before the meeting, a new revised contract has been announced. Two days for new research, weeks of work useless.

I must credit mayor and council for a brilliant strategy to cripple public input. They are masters of blindsiding any effort to bring concerns to their table.

After this move, voter trust will be questionable. This issue has become so toxic, that in my view the only answer is to dissolve the whole deal with Trio Marine, pay up and get out. I’m respectfully suggesting that this latest stunt on the part of the Penticton’s mayor and council will become an embarrassment to politicians in general and will immobilize Penticton city council for the next two years.

Lynn Crassweller