Both councils ignore residents

Dear Editor:

Personally, I see little difference between Penticton’s mayor and Summerland’s mayor or the respective councils.

They seem to ignore at least some of their residents, engage in some form of frustration of civic democracy and appear to have an agenda in which they favor some people more highly than others.

The rainbow on a crosswalk?  Though the idea may have artistic merit and promoting understanding is always good, I am not sure that this is as simple as that.  Public statements aside, is there perhaps a hidden agenda behind the promotion of certain values over others?

If the councils go ahead with a project that promotes the values of one organization what will they say or do if someone else comes along to demand “equal promotion?”

Council, as far as I know, is mostly free of religious influence is it not?

Personally, I think that if they were influenced by positive morals (such as honesty, integrity etc.) then that would be a good thing but it seems that councils are largely influenced by money, politics and social noise.

If the councils agree to paint the crosswalks rainbow colours then they should at least be smart enough to realize there will be a political cost to pay.

The council in Penticton, perhaps Summerland too, appears to be largely uncaring of opposing viewpoints and they seem unaware of how to function in a democracy.

As for the Chamber of Commerce’s Jason Cox, I agree that he should resign as he is unfit to lead as well as be a “public spokesperson” based on his recent handling of the waterslide endorsement.

I too am strongly considering a boycott of any businesses associated with Penticton’s mayor/councillors and the Chamber of Commerce as well as the unresponsive team in Summerland.

Come on mayor, councillors, reconsider your positions.

Patrick Longworth

Okanagan Falls