Beware the (Sl)ides of March

Dear Editor:

Referring to the proposed two-day July slide on Vancouver Hill, I question the mad rush by council and the Downtown Penticton Association to implement this ephemeral program without further analysis.

1. Who is going to pay the unknown additional costs of police, firemen, medical staff, ambulance and hospital personnel in case of accidents? (Joe Taxpayer of course.)

2. Who is going th compensate the nearby businesses for their potential losses and inconvenience to the nearby residents who will be disrupted despite the City’s “good neighbour and noise bylaw?”

3. Assuming a too young or senior population in Penticton at some 5,000 to 10,000 will they be allowed to take a mad rush from their cribs or retirement homes to go down that slide or face discrimination because of their age or because they are against slides in Skaha Park?

4. DPA event director Rachel Thomas mentions that Plan B is already in the works in case there is drought; make no illusion! This is purely and simply a waste of water and an oxymoron statement, especially when the taxpayers are asked to stop watering their yellow lawns and restrict their use of water. Assuming there is a fire at the same time, where is the nearest fire hydrant located to pump the 30,000 gallons of water dozen that hill? God help us all.

5. One can only assume that council is pushing this trial balloon for Skaha Lake Park despite an ongoing lawsuit and growing vocal opposition in that location.

I used the caption Slides of March in all candor. It refers to Roman history when Julius Caesar was stabbed by Brutus. I could have used the analogy of Nero, the compulsive Roman emperor who set the great fire of Rome to clear land to build his new palace, singing and playing the lyre (and drinking a glass of wine to relax and enjoy himself), blaming and persecuting and killing vocal opponents.

C. Filiatrault