Behaviour by council is hurtful

Dear Editor:

I was dismayed to read the “on message” group-speak  of the mayor and individual council members regarding the Skaha Lake Park controversy.

They unanimously held to their position that they were elected to develop the city’s economy, thus creating jobs for more, and prosperity for all.  Not one of them acknowledged the single, strong argument against the waterslide component of the park improvement contract.

One more time: the large number of us who disagree with the council are opposed to using historically accumulated, preserved and enjoyed public green space for a large, permanent, plastic water feature.

Formerly familiar and beloved public land will be available only to those who can pay, and destined to bring most of its temporary income to private operators.  On reading their remarks in The Herald,

I felt as if our intelligent message of restraint and good sense is not heard at all.  This group behaviour has hurt us all, by creating divisions within the community of an unprecedented level.

Karen Fort