Beautiful as is

Skaha Park is no Stanley Park, but it is beautiful in its own right as is.

If it were not for the vision of Lord Stanley in 1889, Stanley Park would most likely have been clear cut (there was selective logging in the early days) for expensive timber and then jammed full of houses, apartments and whatever else comes with progress.

Green space within a city should be regarded as a very precious commodity. Vancouver’s Stanley Park is ranked very highly as a world city park.

Yes, it has some commercial enterprises within it, but it is 1,000 acres in size and has a half million trees or so. Skaha Park is not Stanley Park in size, however, it is beautiful in its own right as is without a water park.

“In 1889 Lord Stanley threw his arms to the heavens, as though embracing within them the whole of 1,000 acres of primeval forest, and dedicated it to the use and enjoyment of peoples of all colours, creeds, and customs, for all time. I name thee, Stanley Park.” — a passage written from an observer of the official opening.

Kirk Vandeweghe