Be prepared for acrimony

Dear Editor:

In the 52 years that we have been home owners and taxpayers, I have never witnessed a more controversial and divisive issue regarding a Penticton City Council decision.

Several citizens, through contacting the media and signing petitions, have shown they are against turning over scarce and priceless parkland to private enterprise, and have voiced very strong opposition to this decision.

Why is this Council not listening to the taxpayers of Penticton?

Penticton is blessed with a rare and beautiful environment.

Why is the Council willing to reduce the amount of free park land and negatively alter what I believe is part of a unique paradise, for the purpose of private development?

We voted for members of this Council because of their platforms emphasizing development of plans to move the community forward in a progressive direction.

We do support a Council with a progressive and reasonable mandate.

However, we did not vote for Council to destroy limited park land for the purpose of private development.

Take time to revisit and absorb the spirit of democracy and appreciate what the large number of local taxpayers are trying to tell you.

If Council decides to go ahead with the water slide development in Skaha Lake Park, without calling for a referendum, be prepared for a considerable amount of acrimony and resentment in the remainder of your terms.

Fred Fedorak