Attitude of indifference

Dear Editor:

Since last November, we have seen monumental changes in our local government.

What began as a honeymoon stage has turned somewhat sour. Promises of accountability, openness, transparency and fiscal responsibility have vaporized and gone out of the window.

This pathway has changed and the route has changed. The mayor and most of his groupies have taken a “fork in the road of democracy.” One might compare the mayor’s aplomb to that of Putin and his resolve toward the Crimea. In saying this, in no way do I want to minimize what’s happening in Ukraine.

However, what’s happening here is another story! It seems that the mayor has developed the attitude some have attributed to Marie Antoinette when she said “Let them eat cake” during the famine in 18th century France.

The action of Mayor Jakubeit and council seems to be the exception that disproves the rule of the old adage that “leopards don’t change their spots!” In fact, he and his cohorts seem to have changed their spots significantly recently.

The spots appear to have fused into one colour and one big spot. It might be called “the spot of resolve at all costs.”

Being somewhat business oriented, the mayor should realize that it has been stated that the average person is said to know; be acquainted with; associate or congregate with; have business dealings with and otherwise interact with 400 people. While this may not be on a first name or daily basis, it is, in all probability true. Can you imagine how an attitude of indifference can stir people to action?

Mr. Mayor, your attitude of indifference and disdain for the wishes of taxpayers, along with the attitude of some of your minions, is one that might be deserving of the phrase of “Get a checkup from the neck up to get rid of stinkin’ thinkin’!”

There is still time for you to turn back unlike Julius Caesar when he defiantly crossed the Rubicon. The path that you currently espouse is not one of guaranteed success!

Ron Barillaro