Attention anyone with previous knowledge

Dear Editor:

This is aimed at mayors and councils past and present who had anything to do with the secret, behind-the-scenes planning of the proposed Skaha Lake water park/water slides.

You made an assumption that such a project would be welcomed with open arms by the residents of Penticton, so much so that you saw no need to consult them whatsoever. You all must have missed that day in school where they taught us: “You should never assume, because when you assume, you make an ass of you and me.”

As for the answers provided in the Herald this month by Mayor Jakubeit in the “16 Questions” section, some clarification is required.

Mayor Jakubeit states that safeguards are in the contract to protect the interests of the residents. What specific steps have been taken? Are there clauses in the contract that prevent Trio Marine from erecting a condo complex or a hotel if the water slides fail?

A huge can of worms has been opened and a cloud of suspicion is now forming within this city as to why mayor and Council will not listen to the common sense of the electorate. There is still time to save face rather than have egg all over it.

Sometimes I think a lot of politicians were born on the same south sea island – No Brains Atoll. The only other thing I can say is “Pardon me, your slip is showing.”

Mark Billesberger