Ask candidates to sign pledge form

Dear Editor:

Provincial response to the two recall petitions; Peter Fastbender, the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development said: “there are no plans for Elections BC to expand its role in local government elections beyond its current mandate of responsibility for electioncampaign finance rules.”

Fastbender said: “if the land has been reserved or dedicated for park use by bylaw, then any decisions made by council that affect the use of the property must be consistent with the purpose for which the property was reserved and/or dedicated.”

An overwhelming 8,300 people voted “Yes” for the parks referendum in 2002. 814 voted “No”.

I don’t think people have changed their minds do you?

In the Penticton 2002 civic election there were two polling stations on election day: the Convention Centre and the Seniors Centre; one advance poll; mail-in ballot and a mobile poll addressing the seniors’ home vote.

In the 2014 civic election we had one polling station; two advance polls; mail in ballot; no mobile poll. Politicians encourage advance polls. The sooner your vote is secured, the happier the politician. Election Day voters were forced into frustrating lineups up to 90 minutes long. Seniors homes were ignored; a very discriminatory practice.

Fastbender failed to address the issue of Telkwa’s adopted motion at the UBCM for recall. He backs municipal councils with this statement: “The Province of British Columbia recognizes that democratic and accountable local governments depend on elected officials, such as Mayors and Councillors, who have the legal authority and responsibility to make decisions on behalf of their communities.”

Fastbender’s reaction goes over tired old ground and was inadequate to the Penticton situation. The, “It works for us” attitude does not serve the people well. Lawsuits can be precedent setting but only address one issue: one time.

Due to adverse conditions, I doubt Trio will be able to raise needed investment for the waterslide. Expect city council to backtrack in the spring, providing ‘Save the Park’ reinforces opposition with more park rallies.

A permanent change in attitude by city council will only come with a prepared pre-election Citizen’s Code of Conduct and pledge form containing conditions for governance. The pledge form should bereleased in the media along with the signatures prior to the next civic election. Only those willing to sign the pledge forms should be elected or re-elected. If they refuse it can become an election issue.

Elvena Slump