Ashton, Province must step in now on Skaha Marina deal

I appreciate very much having a copy of the council report on the Skaha/Trio agreement (all 160 pages), so that I was able to read and digest the content. Believe me, it’s been tough to chew!

Frustrating is putting it mildly. The city council has dug themselves into a hole and can’t see the light. The more one reads, the worse it gets!

That these dealings have been allowed to reach this point is plain mystery to me.

The No. 1 priority on my list, is that the City does not have an agreement with the province. I feel very strongly that it’s time that MLA Dan Ashton, along with the minister responsible for lakes, foreshore/environment to become involved with the Skaha controversy insofar as the entire sandy beach area is concerned. Though sand isn’t green in colour, it’s certainly green in my books.

The minister responsible needs to step in now. No agreement has yet been signed by the provincial government and I urge the minister not to sign.

It is also my belief that the minister needs also to closely examine figure 2 (my p.5). ‘B’ (marina) ‘C’(South parking D (boat trailer parking), & especially E (front of marina + large area out onto the lake where the NW extreme is very very close to the breakwater which will have to be extended out into the lake far too close to the floating gas line.

In addition, when looking at the aerial photo of the new-improved marina, access by boats from other areas of Skaha Lake to the boat launch looks to be very tricky, if indeed 100 slips will be the final plan sought.

All of the above are good reasons why the minister responsible needs to step in immediately to null and void anything that has taken place between council and Trio beyond the original okay that Trio take over operation of the marina for a time.

That is the only time the Province has actually placed its signature on something and in that case the Province was first; the City second, and Trio last. That was not signed agreeing to all the changes and perceived changes happening over the past three years.

Jean Mitchell