Arrogant council

I have lived in Penticton and area for close to 35 years. Mayor and councils have come and gone but we have never had a bunch as arrogant and deceitful as this one.

Within a few weeks in office they award themselves a medical/dental plan; where else can an employee do this without the employers consent especially when the councillors’ annual salary, for part time work is more than some residents make a year.

Now we have Skaha parkland where a proposed waterslide is to be built. I have nothing against waterslides but not on parkland. I worked on the construction of both waterslides, Whitewater was not around too long after completion and Wonderful Waterworld was here a few years.

No, the owner, “Joe,” as we knew him, did not go out of business but I do think the writing was on the wall. There is more to this deal than we know about, it will fail, then what?

There are some, perhaps newer residents to Penticton, that think that “The not in our park” people are saying no, just for the sake of saying no.

Thank you to the organizers of the Music in the park.

Keith Sollitt