arks plan was needed… before

Dear Editor:

I am curious as to when the mayor and Council had the epiphany and came to the conclusion that it is time to initiate a community dialogue about parks.

The problem Mr. Mayor is, this should have been initiated when we, the citizens were advocating for dialogue. It appears a day late and a dime short. Unfortunately our Council appears to view dialogue, as council in their wisdom, acting and then explaining their decisions to the taxpayers, the great unwashed.

Since there are no actual qualifications for running for council, it seems like more of a popularity or beauty competition. The previous council could not even run a proper election. If this was such a difficult task, how can we trust them to responsibly run our city? Remember the Eckhardt deal?

However since the Trio deal is supposedly cast in stone, may I suggest three actions we the citizens can take.

First and foremost, start a court action. Secondly, boycott any business that is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and is supporting this fiasco.

Perhaps by boycotting, we can make our collective voices heard.

As for this arrogant council, better get your teeth done in the next three years, as that is when we will have the opportunity to clean the slate, and hopefully this time no one will be disenfranchised.

Anne Van Blerk