Are you being served?

Dear Editor:

Our city council brings to mind the not so long ago British comedy, “Are you being served ?” For the first time, after numerous councils since I moved to Penticton, I feel they are not competently serving this community. It would be a stretch to say they are other than for their personal agendas.

When a couple dozen emails have higher ranking than the scores of letters to the editor and a large representation at City Hall against the water slide on Skaha Park with a lesser representation of those in favour, I can only assume this council doesn’t give a damn about their constituents but would rather toady to developers.

If a waterslide on a prime lakeside public park is so blessed wonderful, and a hotel/casino is a better fit on another park popular as a baseball diamond, why not bulldoze the Okanagan Lake Park and erect a giant ferris wheel?   While they are at it, Council may as well flatten the rose garden and put in a roller skating park.

So councillors, give that round thing between your shoulders a shake and serve the public with a referendum on the Skaha Park issue.

Nothing to lose and lots to regain, like respect, honour and public confidence.

Sheldon Hansen