Answers to questions

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank Mayor Jakubeit for his response to the questions I asked in regard to the proposed water slide park at Skaha Lake (Herald, July 27)..

Answers to the 3 questions were as follows:-

1.Who are the principals of Trio Marine Group?

The mayor replied with the names of Tom Dyas and Tom Hedquist. A search on the Internet also showed Rob Campbell as part of the Trio application for a Penticton operating license.

2. Will the City receive gross or net revenues from Trio?

The reply detailed revenue provisions for different parts of the development, all revenues were gross after taxes:

– the water park development is 7 per cent to 12 per cent of revenue.

– the Marina development is also 7 per cent to 12 per cent of revenue.

– the restaurant is 3.5 per cent to 6 per cent of revenue, if operated by Trio.

In each case the higher the revenue, the higher the per cent.

– Boat trailer parking is an exception , using 50 per cent of total net revenue not including interest payments on debt from construction.

3. How will parking be affected, same number of free parking slots, and will there be paid parking in some areas of the Public park or the leased part?

The mayor advised that Trio will expand the parking lot south of the marina and will relocate the boat trailer parking lot. Trio will operate both of these parking lots and  will be able to charge for parking. The mayor had no response to the effect on public  parking spaces.

I don’t know any of the Trio Group principals. I doubt  whether the revenue deal will ever compensate for giving up stewardship of irreplaceable park and beach space.

I believe that the large public parking area at the east end of Skaha Lake Park which now serves the tennis courts, volleyball courts, kids play park , picnic area, kids splash park and the ball diamond, will be the target parking lot for the waterslide park.

Used as it is now, it is quite often full to capacity. Adding customers for the waterslide park will severely effect all of the other users.

The Trio development map shows the water park bordering this public parking area. It seems to be the closest parking to the water park entrance. Next closest is the Trio boat trailer lot, with the Trio South parking lot furthest away – even if you did not mind paying for parking.

Although Mayor Jakubeit has clarified a number of issues, his replies have raised more concerns.

John McLeod