Answer the following:

Dear Editor:

In the spirit of openness, transparency and democracy, I am hoping you can provide answers to the following questions regarding the lease of public parkland at Skaha Lake.

Trio Marine are comprised of a “trio of local businessmen,” as stated on their website and the Chamber of Commerce website. Please advise who the principles of this group are.

In regard to the “portion of revenues” the City of Penticton will get from Trio Marine in exchange for the park land lease are the revenues from gross or net income, in other words will the City get a share of each ticket sold, for example $5 from each  $25 ticket sold, or will they be after expense net revenues?

Please clarify how parking at Skaha Lake Park, will be affected. Will the number of free parking spots remain the same , and will there be paid parking in some areas of both the public park and that part leased to Trio Marine?

I thank you in advance for your time and response, more information, as you say, will probably reduce the animosity this whole topic has caused.

John McLeod