Another day in paradise

Dear Editor:

A beautiful Penticton day, and our grandchildren and great grandchildren are here from Alberta to enjoy it with us.

We head for the children’s playground and water park in Skaha Park, armed with submarine sandwiches and drinks. The kids are having a wonderful time, and the adults spread a blanket and set up our lawn chairs in the shade of the trees on the soft green lawn.

Another day in paradise.

But wait, “progress” is happening. Where will we go when they cut down all those beautiful memorial trees and dig up the lawn to make a  concrete parking lot?

It is utterly unthinkable what is planned, so many people have donated their time and given up their homes to provide the land to build this park, and now they want to  destroy it. Over our dead bodies!

We have been business people in Penticton for many years, and always voted for and encouraged progress. But to watch regression planned before our very eyes is heartbreaking.

Please, Council, reconsider your decision, and let us have a referendum so that the people of Penticton can have their say. Our precious parkland is well worth the $30,000.

Alf and Deanna Columbus