Another block to progress

Dear Editor:

I am reminded of the song titled “Abraham, Martin and John” when I hear the ramblings of our past mayors regarding the waterslide issue.

Anybody here seen my old friends Jake, David and Garry? They were good mayors but I looked around and I thought they were gone. Anybody here seen my old friends Elvena and Doug? I thought they were gone too but I just saw them walking over the hill to join Jake, David and Garry to create yet another block to progress.

Your time has come and gone!

The citizens of Penticton elected the mayor and Council because they would be progressive and do what their predecessors hadn’t. I agree with the mayor, you may be surprised at the amount of prominent non-retired and retired people I’ve talked to that are in favour of this development.

A push for legal action and a referendum will be yet another waste of taxpayers’ dollars! Thousands of people have lost their jobs in this city and are forced to work out of the area leaving their families for lengthy periods of time.

We need whatever development is good for business, especially tourism because there is little else right now. Did you not notice how slow the long weekend was? Skaha Lake Road was virtually void of traffic on that Saturday evening at 5 p.m. We all know the reason for that.

I have lived here since 1981 and in relation to over three decades of time there has been very little development due to like-minded individuals who are against this.

I remember taking my son to the water slides and the joy it brought to all ages. It’s a shame some people don’t ! Hats off to Mayor Jakubeit and Council for their stance and good fortune to the Trio Marine Group and any future developers.

Ernie Kish