And the beat goes on…

Dear Editor:

Re: Mayor optimistic about 2016 (Herald interview, Jan. 4).

There’s a new game in town and it isn’t Ripley’s Believe It or Not! It’s not even close! In fact it might be termed as “Jakubeit’s Believe It or Don’t!” The jury is still out.

In a recent interview, Mayor Jakubeit, puffed out his chest and put on his best “Christopher Robin suit” for the sake of appearance. Isn’t that special?  Even A.A. Milne, author of Winnie the Pooh, might have been impressed… not!

Managing editor James Miller, interviewed the mayor and asked some leading and very pertinent questions. I am alluding to some of these as follows:

1)  Things to look forward to in 2016” working with the Penticton Indian Band.

My comment: It is old news.

2.) Construction forecast

My comment: More houses, hopefully more new families provided there is opportunity for them. His comment on “housing starts are up” — that’s Penticton Regional Hospital, again.

3.) Council’s greatest accomplishment.

My comment: We are still waiting for it. Why is Penticton ranked as “very poor” in fiscal spending along with four or five other municipalities (B.C. television report)

Mayor: affordable housing, tourism, economic development… No.2 in B.C.?

Comment: who says so and based on what?

4.) Possible budgeting cuts to services?

My comment:  The mayor “waltzed” all around this topic.

5.) 2015 was a tough year for council.

My comment: Has council ever stopped to think as to why this is? You reap what you sow applies here. In his interview with The Herald the mayor answered with the usual covering political mumbo-jumbo.

As for the “B” grade (which is more than generous). Why don’t we give council an “A” for: abrogation, authoritarianism, aggrandizement, abstraction, alienation and aspiration.

6.) Skaha park land question

My comment: A real political soft-shoe shuffle here! The mayor was going through the usual diatribe and avoided the concrete issues here.

7.) Referendum question.

My comment: Even though a referendum is non-binding, to ignore or disregard a resounding outcome against or in favour of something would definitely impact accountability and transparency. Again Mr. Mayor, an exercise in furthering political diatribe.

8.) Tax hike

My comment: with less frivolous spending to revitalize a seemingly “dead horse,” a tax hike would probably not be needed. Penny wise and pound foolish perhaps? It doesn’t matter where the proposed funding for the “Vegas Wannabe Light Show” comes from it seems to be an issue of “puff out my chest, I’m going to do it anyway.”

If the vote was 4-3 in favour of the coloured canopy how much real thought and consideration was put into the final decision?

The beat goes on as “Jakubeit’s Believe It or Don’t” does!

Ron Barillaro